Okay, this is my second attempt to start a blog about/during my PhD. The first one was started very enthusiastically in the beginning of 2012 when I just started my research education (as a PhD-pursuing is called in Sweden), but due to many reasons (among which working at 2 places, living at 2 places, commute about 14 hours a week between Göteborg and Stockholm, and being pregnant at the same time) it died out. Now life is much simpler – we moved to the countryside outside of Stockholm, baby started sleeping at night, and I am back to work from the beginning of 2014 after being on parental leave.
And so, after recently getting requests subsequently by Konstantin Dmitriev (Morevna project leader), and Ton Roosendaal (Blender Foundation) for making an active step towards opening my research, here it is, my restarted blog. I will do my best to try to keep this blog alive this time. Perhaps I should adopt Konstantin Dmitriev’s strategy with having a scheduled post (at least) every second week or so. For more frequent updates – follow me on twitter at @jvelkova.

If needing to describe my research with two words it would be – open animation. I will attempt to do an ethnographic study on the production of the new Blender Foundation animation project – Gooseberry, and on the production of subsequent episodes of Morevna project. Both cases will form the principal material in my PhD. On the side, I am following Studio Lumikku’s work; project Tube; and a few other projects which are active to varied degrees. You can read more about my research in About.

I will try to publish as much as I can here in the blog, in the Repository page. However, bear in mind that the academic world has its own rules, so some material may see light earlier than other. The dissertation though, and as much of the material possible will be under a Creative Commons licence.