Image by Anastasia Mayzhegisheva.

Image by Anastasia Mayzhegisheva.

Hi there!
My name is Julia Velkova and this blog is about my research in progress on open-source animation film production. Since early 2013 I am studying Blender 3D and Synfig 2D graphics communities and the process of producing open source animation films, such as Gooseberry and Morevna. Before starting my research I knew nothing about animation as I am an engineer by education having worked anything from being a theatre producer to web developer. But since more than a decade I have been passionate about free software. Learning about open-source animation has been since a true adventure.

Check the menu on the left for draft writings and reports.If you want to read some more or less finished/elaborate results, go for the stuff labelled as “Preliminary findings: Article N”.

I have also put some reports from my ‘fieldwork’ trips to Amsterdam and the Blender Institute, as well as to Gorno-Altaysk in Siberia and Morevna project.They are under “Reports from visiting the productions”.

And from May 2015, here you can read some drafts, excerpts and draft articles from my PhD thesis, and the direction in which my research is going.

The PhD writing style is a specific academic genre. I am trying to write as accessible as possible, but the target audience of this text is for the moment an academic audience (since I need my PhD degree). However, much of this could be interesting for a broader community, and I am considering rewriting everything + adding more material at a later stage into a more broader audience reader friendly format.

I am publishing these drafts here as an act of reciprocity to everyone from Gooseberry and Morevna projects, the Blender, Synfig, Krita and the libre graphics communities who spent their time to talk to me, share their experiences and thoughts on computer graphics, free software and animation and without whom I could have never been able to write this.

Thank you!

The texts published here are for the moment largely fragmented and perhaps in parts do not make sense except to myself. The content and structure will change as the text is developed further. Some parts may never see daylight in the final text, and the text, questions and ideas may be refined in the course of writing in order to create better text flow and coherence. I am now working on theories and presenting in a more elaborate way all the material, thoughts and observations I have collected so far.

All work published on this page, unless otherwise noted, is heavily a work in progress and should not be considered in any way final. The license of these drafts, unless specified otherwise is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported. The final text will be released as CC-BY-NC though.
Any thoughts on factual errors, constructive criticism or other ideas are welcome, either by emailing them to jv or by posting in the comment thread.
Author of all texts unless otherwise noted: Julia Velkova

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