Publications and presentations

PUBLISHED articles and book chapters

Velkova, Julia (February 2017) Rewriting the history of free software and computer graphics – a text oriented to the broader free software user and developer community, and generally a broader, non-academic audience. Published by

Velkova, Julia (December 2016) Data that warms: Waste heat, infrastructural convergence and the computation traffic commodity. Big Data & Society, 3(2), 2016

Velkova, Julia (August 2016) Free software beyond radical politics: negotiations of creative and craft autonomy in digital visual media production. Published in Media and Communications, special issue on Politics in the Digital age.
[PAPER] – Published version | Accepted version prior to language check | First draft before peer review

Velkova, Julia (July 2016). Negotiating Creative Autonomy. Experiences of Technology in Computer-Based Visual Media Production. In: Kramp L, Carpentier N, Hepp A, et al. (eds), Politics, Civil Society and Participation, Researching and Teaching Communication Series

Velkova, Julia (November 2016). Ethnography of open cultural production: From participant observation to multi-sited participatory communication. In: Wildermuth N and Ngomba T (eds), Methodological Reflections on Researching Communication and/for Social Change, Palgrave.

Velkova, Julia (2015). Value Creation Through Digital Commons: Complicating the Discourse. Antenna open access academic blog/platform.

Velkova, Julia and Peter Jakobsson (2015): At the intersection of commons and market: negotiations of value in open sourced cultural production. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 1-27.

Velkova, Julia (2014). Thresholds for Participation in Open Animation Production: A Critical Exploration of Some Assumptions on Peer-Production. Paper presented at
Internet Research 15: The 15th Annual Meeting of the Association of Internet Researchers. Daegu, Korea: AoIR. Retrieved from

PRESENTATIONS & lectures (sorry, this list is very scarce, I am not so good in updating the presentations…)

“Ethnography of alternative cultural production: from participant observation to multi-sited participatory communication”
Presentation of my research methods and ideas around them at a workshop organised by London School of Economics in London. Download slides.

“Workflows, labor and value in open animation production: an ethnographic study of a distributed animation training creation”
This is a  short paper and slides from my participation in creating the first Synfig video training course. I presented the paper on the 4th Sept 2014 in Hatfield, UK during The Dynamics of Virtual Work conference. I was participating in the panel “The commodification of culture and commons“.
This paper outlines some ideas which I will develop into two separate large themes in my dissertation.

FSCONS 2012, Göteborg, Sweden
Title: Open Animation Projects. State of the art. Problems. Perspectives
In November 2012, the project leader of Morevna project – Konstantin Dmitriev, and I made a joint presentation on “Open Animation Projects. State of the art. Problems. Perspectives”. My role was to make a brief overview of what animation projects have been started since 2006, while Konstantin spoke exclusively about Morevna project’s development and problems. This presentation was also the moment of the official release of the Morevna project animation demo.
Slides: FSCONS 2012 presentation
Video: Video recording of the full presentation

IDEAS formulated in short conference abstracts and papers 

Velkova, Julia (Feb-June 2016) Data that warms: cultural and material transformations of (big) data – in this abstract for IR17 in Berlin I develop some ideas provoked by Qarnot Computing’s practice of heating homes with render power, and a Swedish example of a similar thing but done in a data centre.

Check also an extended paper on the topic which I presented in May 2016 at the Brestolon network meeting in Stockholm.

Velkova, Julia (March, 2016) Transparency, power and digital gifts in the context of the digital commons. Paper presented at the ASCA Workshop on Transparency/Opacity, Amsterdam, 21-23 March 2016.

Velkova, Julia (Feb 2016) Sharing technology and media as digital commons: sensibilities and tensions from making invisible things visible – in this abstract I sketch an idea about transparency through sharing.

WORK IN PROGRESS (drafts in progress and to be rewritten)

Velkova, Julia (draft, May 2017) Dissertation draft in 90% progress.
Title: Technologies of media production: conceiving free software as a tool, technology and infrastructure for computer graphics creation.

* (August 2016) The paper on transparency (see above), after a massive rewriting became a bigger piece for a special issue on the Economies of Internet. I write here about the online gift economies of producers of open culture.

Velkova, Julia (draft, July 2015) Dissertation in 60% progress. Making Free Culture: making technology and visual media in the domain of digital commons

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