Talk at Virtual Work conference

I have been for a week now at the Blender Institute during the production of Gooseberry, interviewing people and following the production. It has been a totally awesome experience about which I will blog soon in a separate post.

I am leaving tomorrow morning in order to present some work in progress ideas during the international conference “The Dynamics of Virtual Work” in Hatfield, the UK. There I will be sharing some first thoughts on two themes that I will be developing in my dissertation on open content movie production.
1. The craftsmanship in this sort of productions
2. The creation of value – staying between commodity and commons.

The first material and inspiration to write on these themes comes from my hands-on experience in creating the first video training on Synfig.
The title of my talk is “Workflows, labor and value in open animation production: an ethnographic study of a distributed animation training creation” and here you can get the short text and the slides of the presentation (don’t be too critical on designs pls). They are also available in the Repository section in the blog.

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