Mapping tastes! Free software, animé and 3D graphics

Since some time ago I started getting the feeling that there are two very big groups of users of free/open source graphics tools – the animé fans, and the 3D graphics fans. They certainly overlap, but not necessarily always. Can you help me figure out whether this is true or not? Am I totally mistaken? Whom I have missed? I have set up a little survey to try to figure this out. Your answer is totally annonymous and highly appreciated. It might help us understand better who is into these communities. So, please, if you feel related in any sort of way to any free/open source software graphics community (incl. just hanging around), it would be great if you could share your animation tastes here :)

(I will be showing here the results of the survey as it goes – expect a first update and results in the first week of December!)

I wonder how many of you, who are part of the free software graphics communities – are into animé, and how many are into 3D?

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